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WorldWar I Propaganda

World War I propaganda taken from the BBC series Peoples Century, episode 2, Killng Fields.
Video Rating: 4 / 5  Full Story Here

The 95th: The Iron Men of Metz – World War II

This documentary follows several veterans of the 95th Infantry Division as they recount some of their experiences, and joins them on a journey back to Europe, through the city of Metz, and as they take part in several remembrance ceremonies.

Walking back in time with them as they relive their World War II experiences brings home a greater appreciation for the struggles these men endured. The challenges they faced in taking Metz with its underground fortresses, heavy machine gun fire, ineffectual support and impossible odds are recorded by the survivors in this documentary for future generations to appreciate and learn from. Full Story Here

The Battle Box ? An Iconic World War II site

One of the most significant World War II sites in Singapore, the Battle Box will be a fascinating attraction to the travellers. Essentially a large military bunker, it stands as an emblem to Singapore’s history, where one can relive the epic moments that took place of the fateful day of 15th February 1942. Representing the momentous date of Singapore’s surrender, it hails as the one of the most visited historical site, mainly due to its impressive interactive exhibits.

Located nine metres below the historic Fort Canning Park, the Battle Box is an underground site. A bomb-proof complex, it was formerly recognized as the official headquarter and the subterranean command centre of the British Malaya Command. It played a vital role during the Malayan Campaign, housing an array of indispensable features for an operation room. The plan for the underground complex was drawn up in mid 1930s and was finally constructed to perfection in 1939. Full Story Here

WorldWar I Propaganda

World War I propaganda taken from the BBC series Peoples Century, episode 2, Killng Fields.
Video Rating: 4 / 5  Full Story Here

Book Features Stories from World War II

Warrington, England (PRWEB) September 14, 2011

“So you think you know what it was like to live through World War II?” asks author and hobby historian Patrick J. Cullen. In his new nonfiction book, World War 2: Through the Eyes of a Child (published by AuthorHouse), Cullen details his youth during World War II.

Understanding the realities of war, “warts and all”, is something most people don’t really understand, says Cullen. “Let this little boy named Patrick tell you what you don’t know,” writes Cullen, “so that you will have both eyes open.” Full Story Here

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Famous Cartoon Dogs

The American love of dogs is expressed nowhere better than in the cartoons. Since cartoons were first drawn dogs have featured in them. Dogs in the cartoons express something very fundamental about the popular American psyche.

Long before films made cartoons universal dogs appeared in the cartoon strips that newspapers ran. That is where the cartoon dog first began to develop its characteristic traits and become an iconic figure.

Little Orphan Annie had her faithful dog Sandy. The cartoonist Harold Gray used Sandy as a side kick for his feisty female lead character. Whether she was fighting Nazis or investigating haunted houses Sandy was never far away. Every strip ended with Sandy’s trade marke “Arf!” Full Story Here