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“Wings over Waukesha” Adds B-25 Bomber, C-130 Transport Plane and Four Nationally-Renowned Aerobatics Acts to Daily Air Shows

Jim “Fang” Maroney will wow the crowd at the Wings over Waueksha Air Show with his Super Chipmunk aerobatics act August 27 and 28.


Waukesha, WI (PRWEB) August 17, 2011

“Wings over Waukesha” today announced that its air show at Waukesha County Airport has booked four of the best aerobatics performers in the country, including Jim “Fang” Maroney Super Chipmunk aerobatics, John Mohr Stearman barnstorming aerobatics, Dave Dacy-Tony Kazian wingwalking, and Dr Bill Blank Super Decathlon aerobatics.


In addition, Wings over Waukesha has confirmed that the Yankee Air Museum in Detroit will be bringing its fully-restored World War II era B-25 “Mitchell” bomber and the Minneapolis U.S. Air Force Reserve will bring in a C-130 transport plane to participate in the show and remain on display for guests to get a closer look at these powerful aircraft. Dozens of other contemporary and vintage aircraft will participate in the daily air show at 1:00 p.m. on August 27 and 28. The Sky Knights Sport Parachute Club from East Troy will kick off the daily shows with a team of skydivers landing on the airfield. The shows will also include a tribute to Waukesha County members of the U.S. Armed Forces who have been lost in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.


“This will be the first full air show at Waukesha County Airport in about 30 years and it promises to be a great one with all of the top quality performers we have booked for the show, and the wide variety of military and civilian aircraft that will be participating,” said Kurt Stanich, Chairman of the 2011 Wings over Waukesha event. “We’re offering a great value for families with a ton of entertainment on the ground and in the air all day long.”


Wings over Waukesha will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday August 27, with extended hours for guests to stay and enjoy a hot air balloon “glow” from 6 – 9 p.m. featuring Wind Dancer Balloon Promotions and other local professional balloon companies. The event will run from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, August 28.


Admission to Wings over Waukesha is only $ 5 per person, and kids under 12 can attend free of charge. Ample parking is available for $ 2 per vehicle.


In addition to the daily air show at 1:00 p.m., this family-friendly event offers the opportunity to get a ride in the B-25 “Mitchell” bomber at a cost of $ 400 per person. Rides can be purchased in advance of the show by calling 517-404-1061 or they can be purchased at the show. Guests on a more modest budget can get a ride in a single-engine aircraft or a helicopter for about $ 40 per person.


Kids and adults will also have the opportunity to learn about flying, aircraft and the important role of military aviation, while meeting local pilots and getting a close-up view of their aircraft, many of which have been painstakingly restored to their original mid-1900′s condition. Food, beverages and aviation-related merchandise are available for purchase throughout the show grounds.


Sponsors of Wings over Waukesha include Accurate Specialties, Inc. and StrateVantage Communications, LLC, among others.


Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor, exhibitor, volunteer or flying their aircraft to Waukesha to participate in the event is encouraged to go to the event website at http://www.wingsoverwaukesha.com.


About Wings over Waukesha


Wings over Waukesha is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting aviation and honoring aviation history. The organization hosts the popular annual Wings over Waukesha aviation exposition and air show at Waukesha County Airport that features a variety of contemporary and vintage aircraft from both civilian and military aviation. The family-friendly event provides an opportunity to learn about flying, aircraft and the important role of military aviation, while meeting local pilots and getting a close-up view of their aircraft, many of which have been painstakingly restored to their original condition from the mid-1900s. Proceeds are reinvested in the annual event, which also benefits numerous local non-profit organizations that participate and sell food and merchandise to raise funds for aviation education scholarships, vintage aircraft restoration and other military and aviation related efforts.



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Book Features Stories from World War II

Warrington, England (PRWEB) September 14, 2011

“So you think you know what it was like to live through World War II?” asks author and hobby historian Patrick J. Cullen. In his new nonfiction book, World War 2: Through the Eyes of a Child (published by AuthorHouse), Cullen details his youth during World War II.


Understanding the realities of war, “warts and all”, is something most people don’t really understand, says Cullen. “Let this little boy named Patrick tell you what you don’t know,” writes Cullen, “so that you will have both eyes open.”


Written in verse, World War 2 tells Cullen’s story of abject poverty and squalor. Labeled a “street urchin” at a young age, Cullen roamed city streets, absent of parental guidance, in search of food and shelter. Battling illnesses, unkind merchants and the muck of an economically depressed community, Cullen would eventually rise from his poverty and build a success life as an adult.


An excerpt from World War 2:























World War 2 is currently featured at a war museum in Salford Quays.


About the Author

Patrick J. Cullen is passionate about education. To promote the lessons in World War 2, Cullen performs a one-man show, the “Memory Lane Chat Show.”


AuthorHouse, an Author Solutions, Inc. self-publishing imprint, is a leading provider of book publishing, marketing, and bookselling services for authors around the globe and offers the industry’s only suite of Hollywood book-to-film services. Committed to providing the highest level of customer service, AuthorHouse assigns each author personal publishing and marketing consultants who provide guidance throughout the process. Headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, AuthorHouse will celebrate 15 years of service to authors in Sept. 2011.For more information or to publish a book visit authorhouse.com or call 1-888-519-5121. For the latest, follow @authorhouse on Twitter.



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The American love of dogs is expressed nowhere better than in the cartoons. Since cartoons were first drawn dogs have featured in them. Dogs in the cartoons express something very fundamental about the popular American psyche.

Long before films made cartoons universal dogs appeared in the cartoon strips that newspapers ran. That is where the cartoon dog first began to develop its characteristic traits and become an iconic figure.

Little Orphan Annie had her faithful dog Sandy. The cartoonist Harold Gray used Sandy as a side kick for his feisty female lead character. Whether she was fighting Nazis or investigating haunted houses Sandy was never far away. Every strip ended with Sandy’s trade marke “Arf!”

Sandy never had much to say. He could not be said to have been a fully delineated character. That was never the case with the Snoopy.Snoopy is a more recent addition to the cartoon strip hall of fame. He is Charlie Brown’s dog in Schulz’s “Peanuts” cartoon strip. He first appeared in the syndicated strip in 1950. He has since made the transition to television and big screen.


Snoopy always dominated the “Peanuts” cartoons and seemed to lead a much richer imaginative life than the children who were supposed to be the main characters of the cartoon. The little beagle could invariably be found on top of his kennel writing his novel. When not doing that he was dressed as a World War I fighter ace fighting the Red Baron. Unusually for a dog, even in the cartoons, he owned an original Van Gogh and a Van Wyeth. The Van Gogh was sadly destroyed by fire in one episode.

A completely different take on the dog character in cartoons is Odie in the Garfield comics. Odie never had anything to say. All he did was to slobber. The intellectual part of the partnership was Garfield the cat. Even that sometimes abusive relationship between the cartoon cat and dog reflects something of the conflicted relationship that is often seen between family pets. At a deeper level perhaps the cartoon also has something to say about sibling rivalry.

Today’s leading cartoon dog has to be Santa’s Little Helper who appears in the Simpsons. He is principally Bart’s dog and their relationship encapsulates the special place that is accorded to the child/dog pairing in American popular culture. There is an innocence of sentiment in the bond between the boy and the dog that captures the way in which childhood is envisaged in the USA. For the city kid of the late 20th and early 21st century that is a condition that is all too often unattainable but the cartoon image of the dog maintains the myth.

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By the end of this year, November at the latest Israel and or the U.S. will strike Iran militarily and from there we will probably be seeing the beginning of world war III! This “conflagration” will most certainly go “nuclear”! Essentially “all hell” is about to break loose! With these actions we will see the start of global economic collapse, civil disruption in “many” western nations ‘including” the U.S. and this will of course bring about a state of “martial law”! President Obama will not be “totally” to blame as his hand is only that of a puppet “so to speak”. The old money families “behind the scenes” actually “control” the U.S. government! Any president that is in office is basically constrained by the rule of these “money men” in most that they do, get out of line and they are taken out…..”assasinated”! Remember John F. Kennedy and the conspiracy theories behind his killing…….enough said! There are also many indications that most if not all of the old money families are least “influenced” by alien and or extra-terrestrial groups. For a fact it has been proven (to those that do the research) that American technology is many, many years ahead of what is “publicly” revealed! It has been said that we have Top Secret aircraft and other such things that would make George Lucas “drool”! Much of our technology is back engineered from alien technology that has been acquired through “various” means. The U.S. government for political and social-cultural reasons will not reveal such advancements…..”yet”! Many television shows are essentially based on top secret technology that the government is simply trying to slowly “aclimate” the overall population to the idea of, again so as not to topple our “entrenched” beliefs and creat some sort of “social upheavel”. After this “major” war we will see the creation of a one world government along with some dislosure regarding the alien question! For more detailed information check out Facebook.com/2012 Government Secrets Finally Revealed! Or call 1-877-LASTWAR

Ex military with a background in the intelligence and military security field.
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Question 1

The World Wars 1 of the 1914 was welcomed warmly in the city of Paris as the French viewed the war as a great chance of obtaining ravage after they were defeated in the year 1870 by the Germans. In the city of Vienna World War 1 was welcomed positively as it brought unity to the Austrians and gave them an opportunity to ravage against Germany. In the city of Berlin, Germans welcomed the war positively with anticipations of Germany victory (Perry, 2006).

Question 2

According to the author Friedrich von Bernhardi, the World War 1 in Germany was a negative event. This is because Germans were not prepared materially and psychologically. Additionally, the option of war was not the best to show the psyche of Germany but this was a sign of weakness. According to him, the defeat of Germany was brought about by its lack of preparation as a country to face other countries in Europe. As a matter of fact, the weaker country according to Friedrich von Bernhardi is usually exposed to aggression as it lacks informational protection (Keeqan, 2000).

Importantly, there was a need for reconciliation of the warring countries especially Germany to consider being brutal because of its international laws. The World War 1 according to Friedrich von Bernhardi was a negative event that indicated that Germany was obsessed with the idea of supremacy. It is of importance to note that, for a country to show its supremacy it needs to internal might and strong powers which would be used in guarding it. In the case of Germany, the World War 1 was not welcomed by all people and those who welcomed it were forced to do so by Hitler. Moreover, the World War 1 challenged the supremacy and military might of Germany and instead of bringing about order in Germany it brought about its defeat (Perry, 2006).

Question 4


Jingoism is the tremendous nationalism in the form of violent overseas policy. Practically, Jingoism is advocating in a form of war against other nations in order to protect and prevent what a country perceives as its national interests. Basically, in the early 20th century countries in Europe exercised jingoism which brought about the World War 1. In this case, because of the extreme patriotism of the Germans Germany wanted to control the whole of Europe and exercise its supremacy. Additionally, the invaded country used the concept of jingoism to defend their territories and hence the outbreak of the World War 1. It is of importance to note that, the Germans’ psyche in entering into the war was attributed to by the patriotism which Germans had at the onset of the 20th century. Germany wanted the whole world to be under it as a result of its strong nationalism concept (Keeqan, 2000).

Question 5

The Roland Doregeles’ excerpt about the ‘Fabulous Day’ was affected by the memory of the World War 1 of 1914. In this case, this excerpt talks about the mood of people in the city of Paris when the war broke out. On this basis, this French writer was explaining how people in the city of Paris first feared the war but because of patriotism they were filled with heroic wind. The World War 1 was not the right option and that is why it affected the Roland Doregeles’ excerpt. It can be revealed from the excerpt that, people in France were not in mood for the war and hence there were mixed opinions because of patriotism and fear of warring. The effects of the war in people both psychologically and physically affected the way Roland Doregeles wrote the excerpt (Perry, 2006).

Question 6

According to the ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ poem by Wilfred Owen about the World War 1, there were a lot of pains which people went through during this war. On this basis, Europeans were tortured mentally, psychologically, and physically by the effects of the war. These ideas on war can be compared to those of Friedrich von Bernhardi that World War 1 was not the best way of fighting for patriotism (Keeqan, 2000).

Question 7

Certainly, the same ideas used by leaders during the World War 1 are still used today by leaders to gain support from the people. On this basis, most of the ethnic wars which have been witnessed all over the world are founded on the notion that people are supposed to fight for their culture and community. In this case, people are entered into wars by the notion that war is very necessary to show supremacy of communities. Additionally, the Jihads and other Islamic associated wars are founded on the same concepts that were used by earlier leaders. In most cases, community members usually fear wars but their leaders encourage and force them saying that ‘we have to fight for our country’. Further, wars between countries are brought about by the aspect of necessity of safeguarding our supremacy and territory. On this basis, the same tactics that were used by leaders during the World War 1 are still used by current leaders to bring about wars among ethnic groups, races, communities, clans, and even countries (Perry, 2006).

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America Patriotic Poster Series Highlights Introduction of New Brand, StandWeUnited®, Created to Help Unite Country, Overcome Challenges

Rehoboth, MA (PRWEB) June 23, 2008

In a time he believes will augur in a period of renewal and reorientation, graphic designer and artist George Delany has brought to market a distinctive portfolio of seven, inspired, American, patriotic posters. Each offset lithographic poster in the collection includes an image of the American flag (one that flew in front of the designer’s home for years) melded with a song or verse from well-known American history. These include the:

Star-Spangled Banner Poster
America the Beautiful Poster
Amazing Grace Poster
Battle Hymn of the Republic Poster
God Bless America Poster
Pledge of Allegiance Poster
America Poster (My Country Tis of Thee)
“The America patriotic poster series took several years to come together,” the designer explains. “After September 11, 2001, I felt the need to do something to commemorate the event and the time in which we find ourselves, something that may provide an inspired means of revisiting our history so as to help us better navigate through increasingly turbulent times into a new future. Our current, polarized condition is not good. We have to galvanize our will. This why I named the series the ‘Who We Are America Poster Collection’ — across our political spectrum, it attempts to embrace all Americans.”

Mr. Delany would like to see his StandWeUnited® patriotic posters in every classroom in the country, in every library room, offered in every college bookshop and frame shop, hanging in every post office lobby, and in every corporate boardroom. “I think we need to reacquaint, reclaim and reassert who we are, and more importantly, who we want to become,” the designer asserts. To re-familiarize myself with these seven works has been very uplifting. When we first showed these posters on July 4, in Bristol, Rhode Island, people commented with a certain reverence as to the actual words, the lyrics, the presentations of these great pieces of American history — as if they were seeing them for the first time. It was something to observe, it was moving,” the designer offers. “Furthermore, these posters are manageable, measuring 24″ x 18,” he adds.


Seeks Sponsors: Mr. Delany seeks corporate sponsors for his poster initiative. He offers three benefits: 1) At discounted, wholesale rates, to any company who orders a minimum of 1000 posters of any particular design, he will print the customer’s corporate logo in the lower left 2) Furthermore, to any company willing to donate a percentage to support Veterans organizations as noted on the StandWeUnited® Website, the designer will match the donation up to 5%.


“From any profits, I want sales to support Disabled Veterans and their families, Homeless Veterans, and http://www.armedforcesfoundation.org/index1.html [children of Veterans orphaned by war,” Mr. Delany states. This program gives anyone who buys a chance to contribute, to participate in the country’s healing. 3) With the Olympics and the election, just ahead, this is an opportune time for corporate sponsors to really help out,” Mr. Delany emphasizes. “If your company will be in China for the Olympic Games, you may want to consider this USA poster collection as a handout among the peoples of the world who will be there as sports enthusiasts, guests, and international ambassadors. Domestically, should your company wish to give away our educational patriotic posters to employees, customers, vendors, or staff this July 4, there is still time.”


He emphasizes, “This distinctive collection of StandWeUnited® patriotic posters also makes an excellent fund-raising and public-relations vehicle– it’s wall art. Imagine if every pro-sports franchise in the country were to brand these posters, make them available to their fans, and from this, contribute to support US Veterans and their families. I think it would be significant.”


“The Star-Spangled Banner Poster,” and others have been used in classrooms, given as gifts, and distributed to returning soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital. “I understand, a set of ‘Who We Are,’ patriotic posters may be hanging in the Green Zone, in Baghdad,” the artist comments. “I’d like to see this series of posters help support the building of the new Freedom Tower at the site of the original World Trade Center. Now this would be wonderful,” Mr. Delany exclaims.


This new series builds on the “Statue of Liberty Collector’s Edition” set of four offset lithographs Mr. Delany designed to help celebrate the Centennial of the Statue of Liberty, back in 1986. “Seems a natural,” the designer comments.


The American flag used in the design of these seven StandWeUnited® patriotic America posters was photographed by Marty Doyle (http://www.martydoylephotography.com). This entire collection of inspired, educational posters is printed by American Printing, of Rumford, Rhode Island. Larger volumes can be drop-shipped from the printer. Small quantities can be ordered from the website. Each poster can be ordered as a single, or matted, or signed by the designer, or even framed (acrylic) using a handsome double matte.


The “Who We Are” Collection of America Patriotic Posters was cited with a Gold Award by Graphis, “The Best of International Visual Communications, 2007″ (http://www.graphis.com). It has been included in a hard-bound book,”Graphis Poster Annual 2007.”


On the StandWeUnited® website, you can also find neat summer baseball caps with the multicolored brims in striking red, white and blue, each one branded with the StandWeUnited® logo. The designer has created all these items to comprise his new brand. He has plans for introducing many more in the months just ahead. “Yes, we’re just starting, really. Wait until you see the branded apparel and sports wear, and the new line of greeting cards,” Mr. Delany adds.


About aaaForay, Inc., Graphic Communications:

aaaForay provides strategic design and marketing communications consultation, brand identity, web, packaging, book, signage and assorted new product design to a variety of small, emerging and leading companies in the region.


Contact: George Delany,

President, aaaForay, Inc. (Graphic Communications)

An On-line, 24/7 Design Strategy Consultancy, “Building Brands, Building Business™”

Voice: +1 508 252 3425

Web: http://www.aaaforay.com




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