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Rare footage of the First World War.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Amazing footage of World War II in color. New World Order: Part 1 This is part one of a three part series on World War II using actual color film. If I can get the other two parts I’ll post them up. Enjoy.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Those were the times when it was seen to be a sign of authority to have a moustache. Hence, most officers had one. Amazing footage and a 5-star video.

  2. War is like a game of chess.

  3. when you think milions of people died in that war. and today, when theres only 1 or 2 soldiers killed in a fight in afghanista, iraq or anywhere in the world, they make a whole big deal about it

  4. I think ppl confuse the germans from ww1 and ww2. These guys didnt give up their lives for freedom they gave it up to weaken another power who was gaining territory, classic british tactics, ally with the weak to crush the other big powers, GJ!

  5. this is a great compilation! Could I extract your video for use in a history project? You would be credited, of course :)

  6. lol for freedom fought only Serbia(not so long =D ), another countries fought for additional lands

  7. If only they knew what would happen later…

  8. Its true the war was Germany’s fault, not the black hand nor capitalists. They planned it out and even had a 1912 Conference to go over small details. Once Germany was ready they went to war in 1914 deliberately!

  9. Onewaytom, I agree. The war was well planned by Germany and it was a deliberate offensive action by them. But for some reason there is still this perception that the both sides ‘fell’ into the war.

  10. just listen to the music you can hear how old this is

  11. Trenches and poision gas. Gives you shivers just thinking about it.

  12. I agree onewatom. New research has shown that the war was forced by German planning. Political assasinations were a very common occurence, Franz Ferdinand wasnt actually that important, but it provided a crisis which to launch war, there were several major crisis between 1900-1914. It was however a conference in Germany between the General in 1912 where they actually planned the war. But the cheif Admiral wanted 2 more years in his own words to be ready to engage Britain.

  13. most of them will die

  14. Canadian Troops were known as Storm Troopers, and gained they’re international freedom from Britain by taking part in this war. Espiecially defeating the germans at Vimy Ridge.

  15. hahaha
    u r funny

  16. They could have ended the war and saved millions of lives if they had joined earliar though

  17. he was assasinated not executed

  18. ww1 they didnt they didnt want to get involved. ww2 they only got involved coz japan bombed pearl harbour.

  19. xCaptainFarrellx February 2, 2008 at 10:50 am

    what? that’s the dumbest thing i’ve heard…we didn’t need you to come in. hell, you were only there less then a year so it didnt do much

  20. i agree with you
    but the funny thing is the duke guy didnt die from a planned attack…it was just random
    the driver of the dukes car went the wrong way…where unfortuanetly a member of the black hand was waitin

  21. ww1 & ww2 started because of a massive inflation (and depresion) caused by banks People start borrowing Loans from the banks (WHICH KNOW YOU WILL NEVER PAY IT ON TIME YOU BECOME SLAVE PAYING INTERESTS) in crisis you cannot use money on the economy owing debts and most of the money goes to Incentivate Wars in South & Central america
    All Africa
    All Arabia South of Russia and the baltic region Drug & arns dealing designing more ways to Kill Everybody and YOU Etc Etc Etc

  22. 13Guitarsmasher13 February 2, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    Why ww1 started :S??
    without that we had peace :s

  23. this is creepy

  24. Around the somme its such a peacfull place now, I was around Abbeville in north eastern France and you would never think there was such bloodshed less than 100yrs ago.

  25. @SaoMir1 awesome o.o

  26. ok we found the footage in color, im waiting 4 it in HD

  27. @stevvvvveperry It is the international jew conspiracy in motion. Between 1950-77 European-controlled colonies in Africa were given to blacks as an “independence present.” They all DEMANDED MAJORITY RULE. When these countries were “given away” they were all booming, productive states. It hasn’t taken long for the local losers to completely trash these countries. What Australia should do is to OFFER the 4 million residual whites in So. Africa ASYLUM and help them escape TYRANNY.

  28. @Xis03 Yes, they’re real.

  29. @stepheng1483, agreed a lil bit, but wat hitler did was totally inhumane, but im from australia, and our country is gettin over run by lebs, asians, africans etc. who are causing 80% of the countrys crime, and now for some fuckin stupid reason, there government is thinkin of makin assylum legal?, i mean WTF !!!!!, if they want to come to australia, they should come here the legal way,………BY FUCKIN PLANE !!!!!!!, i personal think they should fuck off and go back to their own cuntry.

  30. @DbzWWE2010, he hated jews because they didnt believe in jesus, and hitler was a christianity fanatic

  31. @UltraNationalist88 dont u mean 60 million ? lol

  32. bestdealforyourmoney February 2, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    great images of the war!


  33. What a POS Hitler was… Dude Deserved to suffer for being so evil

  34. UltraNationalist88 February 2, 2008 at 7:06 pm

    R.I.P all who died, regardless of what side. 60 human lives. rip

  35. Hitler is even uglier in colour lol

  36. @DbzWWE2010 It’s more complex than that, he used racism to gain power etc.

  37. @fableBAJS He was rejected by Jews, that’s why he hated them (I think)….

  38. Scharfschutzen1 February 2, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    Deutschland was right, look what the conspiring Zion nations, Russia and U.S. have done to this planet. Fools were duped to support them…..AGAIN.

  39. Couldnt Hitler just been a painter…

  40. @stepheng1483 achoo! Sorry I’m allergic to bullshit.

  41. all the scenes are real?I mean not fake?=X?

  42. @stepheng1483
    I’m sure the native americans will agree…..asshole

  43. Since WW2 we have done the exact opposite of what Hitler wanted and it has ruined us, our countries are being invaded with limitless numbers of Africans and Asians to the point where we will soon be outnumbered in our own countries, it’s only a matter of time after that our white race will be wiped out through race mixing, our Jew monopolized media is filled with filth and is anti white (constant race mixing, etc.), our people are forced to have no pride or morals, out of control crime, etc.

  44. @Mikemonga I agree :(

  45. In WW I if you americans and canadians didnt get so pissed there wouldnt be a WW II we cannot change history now because it has already had WW II just because a few 100 Americans got killed in a ship the americans didnt have to get to pissed Germany didnt know the ship had americans on it Im not saying im respecting germany im just saying that Americans shouldnt of got so pissed.

  46. It was the treaty of versailles that provoked ww2
    if we werent so harsh to germany because of ww1, then ww2 could have been prevented. But thats the past and we cannt do anything about it now

  47. i dont think that is true what you are saying djordeeee451 85% of the American fleet were injured or destroyed at pearl harbour so they spared some help to france and Britain there is a Scotland you know many Scottish people fought in the war and remember Russia helped to in the war you should have said that to.

  48. @Djordjeeee451 but think about it, if the American didnt step in and help france and england. By now, German + Japan would rules the most of the europe and asia. blame the japanese who attack the U.S., which made the U.S. declares war

  49. i wish i had a time machine :(

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