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World War II Videos During the two years of the war, British cryptologists decoded German communications with limited success. Older codes, used for low security messages, were readily identified and broken by the Bletchley Park team. Some newer codes were broken mathematically, but decoding and translating these messages by hand proved an arduous task. By the time messages were fully understood, the information they contained was often outdated. Compounding the problem, these intercepts contained very little useful intelligence information. Since the mid-1930s, the German government had used complex cipher machines to disguise their most important communications. The first great code breaking triumph at Bletchley Park came on August 30, 1941. A British “Y Station,” one of the military listening stations that intercepted German communications, picked up a depth, a repeat transmission that used the same settings on the cipher machine. This intercept was forwarded to Bletchley Park. Cryptologists identified as “fish,” the nickname for a message produced by the illusive Geheimschreiber cipher machine. Within two months, the Bletchley Park team broke the high-level German code. To facilitate the processing of “fish” intercepts, Bletchley Park engineers borrowed an idea from plans the Polish intelligence service gave Britain before the war. They constructed a machine that aided the deciphering of intercepts, nicknamed a “bombe” because of the low, roaring noise it made while

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  2. not only in England, in Canada in the 50s, 60s and 70s Dept. of Foreign Affairs operated a real queer hunt ….dismissing employees who were suspected of homosexuality

  3. What petition?

  4. soccom8341576 July 14, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    Sign the petition that would get the UK government to officially apologize for the mistreatment of Alan Turing due to homosexuality.

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