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Want more? Visit: dateyourgame.com Soldiers Heroes of World II is an old game that worth a look at. I really enjoyed Soldiers Heroes of World II back when it came out. Soldiers Heroes of World II have a really nice realistic physic and every tank and bullet have an accurate piecing stats, so really fun to play and aim for tank weak point =) Don’t forget to Subscribe to my channels: + Attila16: youtube.com + Dateyourgame: youtube.com .

“Story Corps” founder David Isay presents an interview with WWII vet Joseph Robertson telling about killing a young German soldier and not being able to forget it, even today.

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  1. i miss this game just looking at it :(

  2. can you play this game with the ai?

  3. @Kelthuzad126 LOL thats like comparing a dick to an arsehole, look at it, how similar are they?

  4. this game anything like company of heroes?

  5. @wojak100 OMG you are an idiot
    this game was released in 2004 AND faces of war was released in 2006!
    so it’s not a copy
    and to point out your stupidity

  6. @MustNotRead I think it’s the same

  7. @Frixix Medal of Honor Medal Assault, hahaha

  8. I played Men of War and I loved it, I would love to play this, it looks great and also another game called Theater of War or something.

  9. people should really get into mods for this. they’re mad

  10. I haved this game. It’s soo fuking bad that it looks like copy of Faces of war.

  11. @sufkiller $5.00 now so, yes.

  12. this is same music of medal of honor medal assault, nice memories

  13. how come this has better graphics that MoW?

  14. Love the destructible environment in this game.

  15. @Attila16 Its the first one?

  16. MrGuilhermectbaa August 5, 2011 at 2:45 am

    oh yeah very nice game!
    but i have him rrsrss

  17. knifelover78910 August 5, 2011 at 3:10 am

    wish i could play it again… i dotn know how to delete that star thing that blocks the game from working…… the thing that ubisoft and tonnes of developers decided to reject after it messed up with games… like this lol, all you need to do is delete it and ur fine but i dont know where it is :) !

  18. haha you are stupid a lot ;)


  20. @clone701 it’s the ancestor of face of war and men of war.

  21. Brickstudios12 August 5, 2011 at 5:27 am

    @crxdelsolsir yes i’ve tried a while i’ve seen some but i’m not sure thx for the advise and i’ll comment on further info :)

  22. @Brickstudios12

    Check CodeMasters web site or google gamespy for any patches.

    i think theres a patch to make it compatible with Vista or the windows you are using.

    Check the sites and google for any trouble shooting.

    Otherwise partition your computer to have XP and play off that.

  23. @clone701

    Its the version before Faces of War. Still very good and highly recommended.

    Very underrated game..seriously

  24. im very confuse right now is this game is the same as FACES OF WAR ???
    need answers pls

  25. @sufkiller

    yes yes u should its brillant i had it a long time ago now im getting it again :P maybe

  26. Sad, very sad.

  27. FromDuskTillDawn1992 August 5, 2011 at 8:16 am

    @viamilitaris011 fuck you cunt, most of the german soldiers hat been civilians who were forced to fight, who didnt fight was bring into a concentration camp accused as a traitor, the deadshead ss killed the jews and made massacres, you dont know what you are talking about, moron

  28. LegaseeWarVeterans August 5, 2011 at 9:02 am

    To gain the full benefits of the Legasee War Veterans Video Archive, including access to all the videos, photographs and information please register for free with our website.

  29. PrinceValiantThesnob August 5, 2011 at 9:53 am

    @Elberiver11 The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere .
    Do you know what that translates to ? In 1940 It meant that Japan is coming to kick your ass , then institute slave labour , then kill you , and finally take all your stuff .

  30. PrinceValiantThesnob August 5, 2011 at 10:52 am

    @Elberiver11 Britain had been almost begging the U.S. to enter the war since 1939 . It was Roosevelt and Congress who wanted to stay nuetral and out of it for as long as possible . America didn’t need Roosevelt to have bad feelings towards Japan , and Germany . Japan accomplished this by running roughshod over China the same way Germany was in Europe . If you really believe that America brought war upon itself in the Pacific , then I kindly suggest that you are certainly in the minority

  31. PrinceValiantThesnob August 5, 2011 at 11:42 am

    @Elberiver11 Embargoes , and freezing assets are legitimate diplomatic manouvers meant to influence . Acts of war are not . The embargo on Japan was placed so that Japan would stop the mass killing of the Chinese . 2 . 2 million . ( women and children too btw ) . America stopped selling Japan aviation fuel , scrap iron , copper and brass . We did not ” block their oil trade ” . After all , it wasn’t a siege .

  32. @Elberiver11 he would have come after the US next. dont even compare slavery and the indians to the holocaust. slavery was certainly wrong, but it was economically motivated. we definitely treated the indians wrong but we worked out deals with them as well. we didn’t manufacture a plan to extinguish an entire race of people based on racial inferiority. its not even comparable. germany and japan were EVIL. im curious to hear where you live, and what life would be like for you if japan defeated us

  33. @Elberiver11 japan started just seizing islands in the Pacific that were our allies. they certainly started the war. when they saw that we weren’t taking kindly to their seizures, they figured they’d attack us. dont tell me we “provoked” them to attack. they attacked because they viewed war as inevitable with us BECAUSE of their island takeovers in the pacific. the germans did the same thing. if you knew ANYTHING about hitler you’d know he was bent on world domination. if he controlled europe

  34. @Welsh77 But do not apologize to me, apologize to the countless murdered innocent souls of children and mothers that you insult.

    And do not point with your finger to the Europeans for holocausts that happened there, as you said they had nothing do to with the war, but most of all, deal with your own American Holocausts.

    America exterminated the Red Indians and massmurdered black slaves, and you bet it was not just 6 Million.

  35. @Welsh77 Of course you dont have a problem with these bombs. You dont have them just as long as they dont hit your own house, kill your own children and wipe your own city off the map, right?

    The Germans, who never attacked the USA and never destroyed an American city, never harmed an american child or mother in the USA.

    And you guys say you “have no problems” with burning 1 Million children and women to ashes alive in Japanese and German cities. That’s an insult to all the massgraves.

  36. @Welsh77 Japan did not start war on the USA, you moron. Just like Germany never started war on the USA.

    The usual tick of you guys is, you simply cut out what happened before. You only seem to know the German declaration of war on the USA in December 1941, but that was the reaction to American ships bombing German ships in July 1941 off the coast of Greenland and in the North Sea. I dont know about you, but in my books July 1941 comes before December 1941.

  37. @jallar4 the Americans freak out about two buildings destroyed with 3000 deaths and call it “Terrorist attacks.

    But when they wipe out whole cities off the map themselves, like Dresden,. Hamburg, Hiroshima, Cologne, many of them with the finest medieval historic city centres like Frankfurt , 1000 years old and the most beautiful European cities, and when they murder 1 Million innocents in there, then they dont call it “Terrorism”:

    Then they call it “liberation”.

  38. @jallar4 In the German media i dont see any anti-german hate, and never saw.

    But in your American media i see Germans portrayed as “nazis” and “bad people” and all that. Time to stop that nonsense, dont you think?

    Google the words “dresden holocaust” and click on images, and then ask yourself why these pictures of Roosevelts Holocaust in Germany are banned on American TV and banned from American schoolbooks.

    I dont hate Americans, dude. I am only disgusted about liars.

  39. @PrinceValiantThesnob Likewise, Roosevelt started economic war on Japan,blocking their oil trade and tying to starve them econonmically by freezing all their assets. The Japanese desperately tried peace talks with Roosevelt, but Roosevelt kept on. Tokyo finally issued a “War Warning” 14 days prior to Pearl Harbour. When they finally retaliated at Pearl Harbour, Roosevelt pretended surprise and whipped up hate in the USA against the Germans and Japanese.

  40. The funny thing is that the whole still believes America is “victim” of both world wars, and that the “bad germans” and the “bad japanese” attacked poor little america.

    In truth, the USA started war on Germany twice, once in 1917 under warcriminal Wilson (who also enslaved 3.5 Million Sudetengermans under Czech tyranny in 1919 and called it “bringing democracy”), and a 2nd time when child-abuser Roosevelt put the USA into state of war with Germany by Lend-Lease Act.

  41. The Japanese were in a frenzy because they feared american invasion? LOL! Yes, those stupid Japss, how could they fear AMERICA invading a country hahaha when the Americans would never do that like in e.g. IRAQ…..VIETNAM……PANAMA……LEBANON……do you want me to finish the list of countries, assaulted and murdered by American invaders?

    We would save a lot of time, dude, if i give you a list of the countries your “innocent” America had NOT invaded.

  42. PrinceValiantThesnob August 5, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    @Elberiver11 A little angry are we ?
    Racist is a very popular word nowadays. What did I say in my post that would lead you to believe that ?

    In 1945 , Japan’s population was 72 million , they were being whipped up into a frenzy about a possible American invasion . America wanted to finish the war , because , well that’s the objective . If one quarter of Japan’s population ( 17 million ) could be convinced to take up arms against an American invasion , would the death toll be any less ?

  43. I’ve seen MANY stories about situations like this, and have talked to many WWII veterans who were in these situations. Everyone needs to understand, The Germans were doing what they were ordered to do. So were the Russians, the Americans, the British, the Japanese. Elberiver11…I don’t hate Germans. Nor Japanese. But this world as we know it IS a direct result of what happened 65-70 years ago. Stop with the hate!!!!!! I’ll pray for you………..

  44. @Elberiver11 shut up and watch, learn to use the word racist, and quit hating on americans.

  45. @PrinceValiantThesnob Your holocaust in Hiroshima saved lives? Oh wow, thats like Hitler saying he saved the lives of JEWS, hahahahah!

    What a fucking racist you are, people like you are quite dangerous and racist. I think racists and haters like you, who promote the massmurder of children and women with ATOM BOMBS should be put behind bars.

    You Americans never had bombs dropped on your homeland, i think its time americans get a taste of what they do to others.

  46. @PrinceValiantThesnob Yes, America is guilty of the war with Japan. Not the other way round.

    You seem to have all your historic knowledge from silly American Hollywood-shows. Hollywood is fiction, my friend. America started economic warfare on Japan, trying to starve Japan.

    The Japanese were fully right to defend their country against American aggression. .

    Also note, you American child-killers and air-gangsters started two world wars on Germany – not the other way round.

  47. @viamilitaris011 The massmurderer Roosevelt and his Dictator friend Stalin deported 14 Million German civilians from their homes and robbed all their land and houses. Two million of them were murdered by those who claim to be “innocent”. Fuck you killers and bastards, America is going down the drain and i am glad about it, serves you right, you monsters.

    Roosevelt killed 1 Milllion children and women in Hiroshima and Dresden and other cities, burning them to ashes alive. Fuck America.

  48. @viamilitaris011 now go back to your American Nazi-friends called KKK, and murder some innocent Africans, like your dirty racist grandfather has done.

    Or go torture some innocent Iraqi people in ABU GHRAIB, you fucker. America, warmonger, childkiller and racist.

  49. @viamilitaris011 Yes, German soldiers killed so many Americans and wiped New York city off the map. And they placed all of Texas and California under the tyranny of Mexico. Ooooh, those bad bad Germans, millions of American children and women were murdered by German bombs.

    LOL you moron, you Americans killed millions of German children and women, you wiped whole cities off the map, Fuck America, most hated nation in the world.


  50. @gravdiggr47 hahahaha, you try to present America as “innocent”. LOL !

    America is the main culprit of both world wars, just like they are guilty of the wars in Iraq, Vietnam, Panama,. Chile and many more.

    America was built by unfree people and you call it “home of the free” LOL! In truth, it was build on blood, theft, genocide and treason. Americans put Africans on death shjps and in forced labour camps. In WW I, America helped dictator Stalin to conquer half of Europe.

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