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We take a look at some firearms from World War Two; 1911 pistol in .45acp 1911-A1 pistol in .45acp Winchester Model 12 pump action 12 gauge shotgun M1 Garand battle rifle in .30-06 M1 Carbine in .30 carbine We look at their ammo and bayonets Pistol Buyers Guide pistolbuyersguide.com Rifle Buyers Guide http These guns were supplied by and are available for sale (at the time we took the video) from; Tucson Guns & Western Artifacts www.TucsonGuns.net Another video review by www.GunWebsites.com Read our Gun Websites Blog; http Chat with us at GunChat.net www.gunchat.net Gun Websites on Facebook; www.facebook.com Gun Websites on Twitter: twitter.com
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  1. 200 years of history lol

  2. Im pretty sure those weapons werent used at all since the USA didn’t help a lot during WWII.

  3. @DeltaCommando52 lol

  4. How do I get a job here

  5. @champion6341 I actually own a Springfield and an Enfield both of which are service grade rifles (in decent enough condition to be effectivly issued in the armed forces today). I prefer the Springfield simply because the ammunition is cheaper and easier to find, but the Enfield is a good weapon as well, it just costs a little more to shoot. I think that’s y the US army used it is because the 30.06 cartridge was more widely used by our military. The enfield fires .303 british.

  6. Britain wuda won without America, at that time we had the muslims in India and Pakistan fightin for us along with China, Russians lost 10 million troops, whereas America nothing. Britain´╗┐ won the Battle of Britain before U even bothered to look u only came because of peral harbour n germany declared war on america nt othr way around. Stop tryna say u saved the day because ur supplies were given toward ending of the war

  7. wish i could take them all home

  8. I live in Alabama and had no idea such a building existed. Wish I could get a tour of the place!!

  9. GunsOfThePhoenix August 20, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    Thumbs up if you think they should bring back the 30.06 (7.62×63) in battle rifles.

  10. @lumotaku the enfield is way better than the springfield it could hold twice the rounds could fire 30 rounds a minute easily and the WW2 version was extremly reliable i know cause my grandad owned one and ive seen him fire it

  11. @Bountyhunters12 wtf? how can a gun suck dick

  12. Bountyhunters12 August 20, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    This weapons are cool but also suck Dick

  13. DeltaCommando52 August 20, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    1:28 so thats where the Ark of the Covenant is….

  14. Jefthenaturecallscoh August 20, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    @nomadkrazy i could but only if i got to shoot the guns

  15. @Antunez99 Um no the enfield is not better than the springfield especially not the 1917 enfeild which was a conversion to 30 06 from standard 303.

  16. man I just wanted a slideshow of bad*** guns

  17. love the Springfield 03

  18. Is the museum for sale? :D

  19. British Churchill tanks supporting American Infantry at 5:39 (can tell from the treads).

  20. @bananakiller21 TAKE ME WITH YOOOOU >XD

  21. if zombies invade i know were im going =P

  22. @strappingYungLad And use out of date guns?

  23. strappingYungLad August 20, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    @FLIPOUTMAN9089 see how does ur grandpa have his issued rifle.i mean, i dont think many ww2 vets have their gun from the war.thats sweet hes got that still.

  24. strappingYungLad August 20, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    damn that place is BADASS. if we ever got invaded,id head straight for that place.fuckin right i would

  25. airplanespotter315 August 20, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    imagine playing army O_O

  26. i have one thay wegh perety much like a toy

  27. Tankers woundit use it in such small spaces


  29. @solidfreak123

    .30-06.. right

  30. The M1 Garand fired 30-6 (Same as the BAR) right?

  31. @nathanklaw1918

    Uploaded by GunWebsites on Sep 5, 2009

  32. is this a new camera you are using??

  33. Must have cost alot. Looks pretty awesome. Whole bunch of WW2 weapons.

  34. JDPublicEnemyNo1 August 21, 2011 at 1:55 am

    I own an M1 Garand and it is extremely fun to shoot. It’s, in my opinion, one of the best rifles ever made.

  35. weinermanmanweiner August 21, 2011 at 2:12 am

    @GunWebsites i love wwii weapons i have a few but my favorite is my k98 i got it for a steal in a gun shop in mississippi i want an older 1911 but they are hard to find.

  36. weinermanmanweiner August 21, 2011 at 2:46 am

    @GunWebsites i love wwii weapons i have a few but my favorite is my k98 i got it for a steal in a gun shop in mississippi

  37. @GunWebsites lmao!

  38. @GunWebsites im 14 and my dad and my uncle to a gun range in the poconos and i shot a remington 870 slug, a ump .45, a pistol-grip shotgun, a garand, an ar .30 bolt action, a scarface version m16 with a prop m203, and i have videos of the shotguns and the ump and my channel. The stupid thing though was that I couldn’t shoot handguns, but my dad and my uncle shot a desert eagle .44, and my dad shot a .44 hunting revolver with a scope on it.

  39. my father got a 1911a1 from his grandfather and it’s a Union Switch & Signal. i will make a review if my father allow me :D

  40. @chimichanga1254 i take my 14yr old daughter to sunset hill shooting range in PA. they let her shoot all rifles and shotguns but no pistols

  41. @chimichanga1254
    I was 15 years old´╗┐ when I shot it
    (m1 carbine)

  42. U gotta great collection, try to hunt down a Thompson and maybe have another video about the German weapons.

  43. @patriotim12 yea i used a garand once on the range,and im sorry but i disliked everything about how it handled,the weight,awkward,etc..i know this is a beloved rifle,but i jes didnt care for it.in a full battle rifle,i liked the fn fal miles better[of course its more modern too].the stg44 started a fabulous trend for rifles,away from the m1 theme.

  44. @drabzong

    very little

  45. My dad has the M1 carbine with a paratrooper buttstock. But i was wondering if the Carbine has any kick

  46. @stuntmanmike37 yeaaaa,now go slap yourself with great vigor

  47. @dempsey981 I can’t help myself sometimes.

  48. @stuntmanmike37 ooooooo,ruthless punisher.

  49. I only have a cheap ole mosin nagant as far as ww2 guns. Those boys have to be tough to pack them heavy bastards around all day. Nagants mausers garands etc…

  50. Do you guys have a 1941 Johnson?

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