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World War I propaganda taken from the BBC series Peoples Century, episode 2, Killng Fields.
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These are some recruitment and propeganda posters from the British and French during world war 1. Some are quite amusing while other are not. The song over it is Boys in Khaki, boys in blue, witch in terms means British and French soldiers.
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  1. Moslemtroglodytes October 15, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    They write at the Internet Movie Database that “the Kaiser ,the beast of Berlin is a lost movie. And yet scenes from it are shown here. So I wonder to what extent and how it was lost – by accident …or perhaps on purpose ? After all paradoxically enough it does expose not the Hun but his “noble’ opponent.

  2. The best approach to influence public opinion was propaganda instead of censorship ! This idea was remarkable to sell the war ! Just like in the Spanish American war !

  3. All that’s missing is WMD!

  4. @bluegsp WHY? Itself the agressive imperialistic England colonized and enslaved 1/5 of the world. England was the last country in the world which abolished the thraldom (in 1900). Statistical fact: England wage the most war between 1815-1915 period. Think it over!

  5. @celebration81 nonsense

  6. @bluegsp German aspirations were similar to the British aspirations.

  7. Wow, you really are ignorant of history! And you are a Jew that supports Germany. Ever hear of the “Stockholm syndrome”?
    Since the creation of the German Empire in the 1870s, Germany had been making attempts at continental domination. It annexed bits of French territory after the Franco-Prussian War. It attempted to rival Britain as a naval power in the early 1900s, and sought colonies in other parts of the world.

  8. @bluegsp How did we cause WWI. Austria-Hungary were the first to declare war. Sure you can blame our imperialism and nationalism, but all of the other European powers possesed large sums of that in the late 19th-early 20th century. Us Germans accept the blame for WWII but the atrocities committed by the Nazis are not our fault. My granparents hid in their neighbor’s cellor for 10 years out of fear of being sent to a concentration camp. Yes, I and my family are all Jewish.

  9. @KaiserReich98 Thanks for re verifying your stupidity and insanity, but it is not necessary, we get it. Maybe it is not the quantities of war, but the quality of war. Germany was responsible for the Franco-Prussian War, World War I and World War II. In the process, they were responsible for the deaths of 14 million people in World War I and 42 million souls in World War II.
    In Germany today. Nationalism is again on the rise, and ”foreigners” are being attacked, Your ignorance is astounding.

  10. @bluegsp Yes, Bush wasnt even elected the first time. And in the past 200 years America has fought many more wars than we have. America actually has more nazis than Germany. Considering, I lived their for 18 years and have never seen a nazi or a swastika, or even hear talk of nazis i would say there aren’t any more of them. And let me remind you of the Klan, and the skinheads. You are basicaly calling every German a Nazi, and me unintelligent, when it is you who is the fat, uneducated, redneck.

  11. @KaiserReich98 Your reference to the mythological conspiracy theories of Bush’s elections betray your ignorance and insanity. Germany has been an aggressive people dating back to the Roman times. You still have racist Nazi’s that would love to bring back the third Reich. You really are pathetic and as unintelligent as I have seen on youtube. XD

  12. @bluegsp No people think your a joke because your all a bunch of uneducated, obese, ignorant, morons. If anyone in your curropt government has caused the world to hates its that redneck you elected twice. Oh whoops, sorry, i meant once. Are you that stupid that you actually think Germans embrace Nazism. The NDSAP was outlawed after the war, we’re not even allowed to display the swastika in public. You have no clue, the contempt us Germans have towards Hitler and his thugs.

  13. @KaiserReich98 You throw around the word “genocide” because you don’t understand it’s meaning. If anyone in the world thinks we are a joke, it is because of the current occupant in the White House. You don’t have a clue and are unable to understand the importance of our foreign policy and you should seriously consider leaving. Americans are taking back this country and will defend it from its enemies both foreign and domestic. Go back the Dur fatherland and practice your goose stepping.

  14. @bluegsp Your point? What exactly is your point? And what did I lie about? If your calling Germany warmongering when you fools are fighting 2 useless wars at one time, and even losing one of them. I dont see how I am a joke when the rest of Europe and dare I say, the rest of the world, thinks America is a joke.

  15. @KaiserReich98 Thanks for illustrating my point. You have demonstrated your sheer stupidity with your silly post. XD You should learn something about history before you publicly make a fool of yourself. If you hate America to the point you have to lie about her, I would invite you to leave it and return to your beloved warmongering Germany. You are a joke and don’t deserve to be taken seriously. XD

  16. @bluegsp Your implying conservatives are smarter than liberals? Wow, that may just be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. WWII was caused by the allied Treaty of Versailles imposed by idiotic French politicians after the great war. And as for war crimes, dont even get me started about the yanks and war crimes. Aside from the greatest mass genocide in history(native americans) lets not forget the war crimes you committed on Dresden, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Tokyo, and even Vietnam.

  17. @Shitforbrains
    Go fuck yourself moron.

  18. TheAmazingTroglodyte October 15, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    No, he said those were not the actual reasons to enter the wars you stupid fucking asshole. Plebeian rube yokel.


  20. It’s Donkey Kong and he’s on a drunken rampage!

  21. What @rap. The real enemy of the world is the eternal jew, who has been behind all modern wars

  22. What year was this documentary?

  23. omfg–|> all those stupid coments:P

  24. my statement about the Lusitania was not incorrect. It was coming from America (with whom Germany was not at war with) with American passengers. Her cargo had included an estimated 4,200,000 rounds of rifle cartridges, 1,250 empty shell cases, and 18 cases of non-explosive fuses, all of which were listed in her manifest, but the cartridges were not officially classed as ammunition by the Cunard Line. You make excuses for our enemies and criticize America. Sounds like you hate America to me.

  25. @bluegsp I don’t hate America. I hate the Government. Other than your incorrect statement about the Lusitania, you have not offered any evidence to back up anything you’re saying. Instead you call me derogatory names and insist that I’m a liberal despite the fact that I’ve been criticizing so called liberals like Wilson, FDR, & Truman in my replies to you.

  26. ww1 the last crusade of europe .

  27. shout out naar TT6A

  28. taiereees rey de cordobaa

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  30. this video es mailismo aguante taiere

  31. this video es mailismo aguante taiere

  32. Read the epitaphs of every memorial in the country. It will say ‘they shall never be forgotten’
    So don’t take the piss out of innocent people who gave their lives so you can be alive here in never never land. They didn’t have mobile phones and facebook. They were fighting for our country and died awful deaths.

    They should NEVER be forgotten because they had no luxury we have today.

  33. CptainGarmaZabi October 16, 2011 at 6:16 am

    We have a problem, There is a very VERY large lack of Propaganda that supports the German Empire >.>

  34. It’s fascinating looking at this early propaganda

  35. fucking chauvinism, all people fighting for the “best” cause, the cause of their rulers. Cool video.

  36. @D3adtrap Indeed I do know what I speak about: Governmental types & economic systems go completely hand in hand. Follow the money, it always finances the philosophy via which the ruling powers implement their policies. Perhaps you should better educate yourself in regard to the symbiotic relationship money/economics has with political power structures. It is money that pulls the strings and that wears the mask of government, not the other way around – irrespective of the names it assumes.

  37. @SororThothma

    You have no idea what you are talking about -.-’ Maybe you mean tolataristic goverment rather than accusing economic systems…

  38. Great teaching resource; thanks for posting!

  39. The empire needs men! Jump into the meat grinder because we say so! Otherwise, scary monsters we just invented will take over everything, and your children will laugh at you for being a loser. Now hurry up and get get blown to bits on the battlefield! We just ordered some new cannons and the king wants to test them out in between polo matches and orgies. God Save the King!

  40. Ron Paul 2012
    Abolish the central bank

  41. Lastly, without minds keen enough to recognize tyranny & oppressive forms of government, those types of evil governments just go on and on unopposed – because tyrannical governments (like Communism & rampant Capitalism) rely on people lacking the brain power to perceive them. That is why such oppressive kinds of governments always endeavor to dumb down their citizenry. Dumb citizens are easier to control – just keep them glued to the boob tube and don’t let them think for themselves (USA now)

  42. @ILiveOnMyBoat George Washington & Thomas Jefferson are superb examples of men using their minds in the service of true freedom. It was their minds (and other great thinkers like Franklin & Adams) who drafted the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, (and later) the Bill of Rights. And yes they had to fight to make them stick, but it was their superior intelligence, planning & strategies that made it happen. The guns & canons were adjunctive. Mind power made the USA, not gun power.

  43. @ILiveOnMyBoat The more conscious a citizen is (in general), the more media savvy they are and the more they know how to recognize propaganda & media spin (including in the halls of academia & education) the more likely they are to question authority & resist it when they recognize it as corrupt and/or in the wrong. A conscious citizen ergo uses their brain to fight for real freedom rather than sheepishly picking up a gun and just doing what they are told by their flag waving leaders.

  44. @SororThothma – Hypothetically yes we would all be conscientious objectors knowing the outcome of war. We have learned a lot from our fore fathers needless sacrifice as led by media propaganda. It was not their fault they died serving for freedom then and now.
    Tell us where your conscious citizen, smart and savvy has used their brain in avoidance of fighting for freedom?
    Pray tell because in the reality of this world no matter how much you can see through an objective more fool you to fight it?

  45. People should want to serve their country. However, I do hold that the first, best service to oneself and to one’s country & family is to become as cognizant, as accurately informed, & as immune to emotional & psychological manipulation by ways of propaganda and indoctrination as possible. One smart, media savvy, conscious citizen is worth a thousand gun toting flag waving soldiers. It is very easy to die for one’s country, but far more difficult to use one’s brain for one’s nation, thus few do.

  46. @0scaru It’s hypothetical agreed but I would personally put my life at risk for my country as so many do as we speak/write/electronically communicate.
    We live in far better times thanks to the ancestors who died for us.

    Let they NEVER be forgotten or mocked by a generation that wouldn’t last a night without a computer let alone in a field with a compass.

    Point taken?

  47. @ILiveOnMyBoat
    admitedly, I wouldnt. Sure, the excitement is immeasurable, I imagine; I don’t think I’m willing to risk my life simply for that however.

  48. @0scaru Yes sir I would.
    Would you?

  49. @ILiveOnMyBoat
    so ur saying that if they had conscription again, you’d sign up for it in a heartbeat?

  50. The Snake poster is an ad saying “we must fight tuberculosis as if it was the badest reptile”, it’s not really war propaganda.
    The poster with a French flag under the sunrays of USA’s flag is saying “the state buy supplies from the USA, the Adam Bank support the National Defense”.

    In the end of WW1, France and England gave so much money to the US in order to get supplies that USA was rich and started it’s economic boom. France was destroyed, it had huge debts and families were amputed.

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