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THE 95TH: THE IRON MEN OF METZ (60 minutes, documentary)

This documentary follows several veterans of the 95th Infantry Division as they recount some of their experiences, and joins them on a journey back to Europe, through the city of Metz, and as they take part in several remembrance ceremonies.

Walking back in time with them as they relive their World War II experiences brings home a greater appreciation for the struggles these men endured. The challenges they faced in taking Metz with its underground fortresses, heavy machine gun fire, ineffectual support and impossible odds are recorded by the survivors in this documentary for future generations to appreciate and learn from.

Standing with them in the cemetaries honoring their fallen comrades, dancing with them at 95th Infantry Division reunions, and thebe hind the scenes look at thier personal lives now as elderly men gives us the ability to grasp the full scope of what this film means to their lives.

The producers of The 95th: Iron Men of Metz should be praised for giving these veterans the chance to record their history and impart their, literally, hard fought knowledge to us.


It is very moving to see these men remembered for their dedication, endurance, and sacrifices.

THE 95TH: THE IRON MEN OF METZ originally aired on PBS (WTTW Chicago), and is now available for purchase and download at www.the95thmovie.com, or by calling 1-877-FILMBABY. A portion of the  proceeds will benefit the veterans’ 95th Division Association.

- Steve Terjeson
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November, 1944

General George Patton assigns the brave soldiers of the United States’ 95th Infantry Division an impossible objective: liberate the legendary fortified  stronghold of Metz, France from Nazi occupation. Against heavy resistance and  steep odds, the 95th succeeds with their task, claiming a key Allied victory and earning them the nicknames “The Bravest of the Brave” and “The Iron Men of  Metz”.

November, 1999

Fifty‐five years later, surviving members of the heralded 95th return to the battlefields where they made their mark upon history. Greeted once again as heroes, they recount the horrors they faced, and honor their fallen comrades.

The filmmakers spent over three years documenting the stories and travels of this historic World War II unit. Often tragic, sometimes humorous, always inspirational, these courageous veterans pass on their strategies for survival,  and life lessons for generations to come.

The 95th: The Iron Men of Metz first aired on PBS (WTTW Chicago). A portion of the proceeds from this documentary will benefit the 95th Division Association.  For more information, please visit www.the95thmovie.com.

Steven Terjeson is a World War II researcher and historian for World War II History working to preserve history and educate future generations. A student of Military History working to author and collect as much data as possible on the WWII time period.
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