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WALNUT CREEK — When Keith Brooks Jr. checked his inbox Tuesday, the day after his father’s death, he got a reminder that the 85-year-old never let technology pass him by.

“I came into work for a couple hours (Tuesday) morning and I had e-mail from him from the weekend,” he said. “That was weird.”

A few weeks earlier, his father had joined Facebook. The World War II veteran started working with computers when they were programmed by moving wires around, and he never stopped.

Keith Brooks Sr. was found dead Monday in a fire at his house in the 300 block of Drayton Court in Walnut Creek, according to the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District. The county coroner reported Tuesday that he died from smoke inhalation.

Born in San Bernardino, Brooks entered the Army in World War II and was put in an educational program at Stanford. But when the Army ran short of infantrymen, they were shipped out to Germany, said Herb Denny, a friend of Brooks who was in the program with him.

Brooks had learned to drive a truck in the Forest Service, so the Army made him a Jeep driver, Denny said. “He was a great guy … a very very quiet person,” Denny said. “Just a careful considerate kind of guy.”

After Germany fell to the Allies, Brooks and Denny were shipped to the Pacific theater. “We were intended to invade Japan,” Denny said. But they never got past the Philippines, he said, because the atomic bombs ended the war.

Decades later, he visited Germany again with his wife. “I remember him telling me one time that they’d gone and visited Hitler’s gardens,” Brooks Jr. said. “Last time he was there, the ground was still smoking from the bombing runs.”

After graduating with a degree in business from UC Berkeley, he worked for four decades at the Breuners furniture store. He and his wife, who died six years ago, raised their two sons in Walnut Creek.

He worked in accounting and insurance — and brought computing technology to the company when it was still brand new, Brooks Jr. said.

After he retired, he stayed active at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Walnut Creek, Brooks Jr. said, and would often come over to his son’s house on Sunday afternoons to watch sports. “He was just a hard worker, conscientious, very much of that ‘Greatest Generation,’” Brooks Jr. said.

One of his trips was with other members of the 86th Blackhawk Infantry Division. He created and maintained the webpage for the Acer now-disbanded division’s association of veterans.

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Because the global war on terror began beginning in late 2011 there has long been an elevated interest in all branches of your army, especially the army. The army will be the line of defense a nation uses to protect alone from assault also because the primary force maintained during times of war.

In instances previous the army was once a male only institution with really little help from ladies. Nowadays women are becoming a member of the army in higher numbers to the point where in some instances they in fact out number men. This has opened the doorway for males as well as women to start to wish to aspire to one day join the army. This has also provided rise to unisex toys and games according to the army and in several cases guns and other type of weaponry. The types of weapons on their own along with the bonding and discipline are what most people locate fascinating about the army. Guns, tanks, grenades and also land mines are some of the equipment the army teaches its recruits to make use of for fight. In most circumstances a person could never discover or use any of these types of things outside of your army.

One way an individual could simulate being in the army and going through the training is via flash centered arcade games on the web. Some widespread features of army games play might be selecting weapons, hunting terrorist, flying aircraft and/or searching out for sniper fire. For those of you attracted inside the army and army type video games take a look at the games shown below for a lot more action.

HEX EMPIRE – Are you currently prepared to take more than the planet my friend? If you’re then select your country from one of your 4 capitals to pick from and start in Hex Empire.

Operation Sand Rider – The object of Operation Sand Rider is to become a mighty General. You must end your adversaries by making use of your wits and by force. Turn out to be a desert fighter whenever you join the special Marine corps force.

Twisted Army can be a fun quick moving sport filled with motion. All that requirements to be done by the participant is shoot while you attempt and maneuver your army jeep.

Tanks Wars can be a straight to the stage army sport. You simply get rid of a particular amount of enemies that the games specifies inside the time allotted.

Dismantle adversary fighters; deploy destroyers and tanks all although fighting could be the quest of Strategic Mayhem. You must also protect your own area from rival armies.

This should offer you an concept about the army and army games on-line. Use these games to practice and see what it’s wish to be inside the army throughout instances of warfare. For other games similar to army games, you are able to check out this world war two games arcade web site.

Now try out out some challenging army games and world war 2 games in this great online game web sites.
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