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One of the most significant World War II sites in Singapore, the Battle Box will be a fascinating attraction to the travellers. Essentially a large military bunker, it stands as an emblem to Singapore’s history, where one can relive the epic moments that took place of the fateful day of 15th February 1942. Representing the momentous date of Singapore’s surrender, it hails as the one of the most visited historical site, mainly due to its impressive interactive exhibits.

Located nine metres below the historic Fort Canning Park, the Battle Box is an underground site. A bomb-proof complex, it was formerly recognized as the official headquarter and the subterranean command centre of the British Malaya Command. It played a vital role during the Malayan Campaign, housing an array of indispensable features for an operation room. The plan for the underground complex was drawn up in mid 1930s and was finally constructed to perfection in 1939. Encompassing a cat-ladder escape hatch, the Battle Box has 2 entrances and a total of 26 rooms. One of the drawbacks of the structure was that it was vulnerable to flooding since it was in close proximity to the reservoir. Although the country was on the brink of war, construction took place to prevent the crisis of flooding and was completed before the war erupted.


As time went on, the war became more serious. As a result of the fighting and violence that took place, the Battle Box served as the only shelter from a series of bombings. However, when the British troops surrendered in 1942, the underground site fell into the hands of the Japanese Military Defence Headquarters. Defeated in the mid 1950s, the Japanese surrendered and the Battle Box remained forgotten, its exact location never found.

It took more than 55 years to rediscover the actual location of the Battle Box. Found in 1988, it was opened to the public as a museum in 1997, serving as a memory lane to preserve its long history. A national heritage site, the iconic structure is presently a premier tourist attraction, which draws a large crowd on a regular basis, keen on catching a glimpse of Singapore’s war history.

A reminder of Singapore’s surrender to the Japanese, the museum showcases an array of enthralling exhibits.  Featuring specially crafted figurines, the museum utilizes video and audio effects to provide travellers an interactive experience that is both interesting and informative. Among the technology used, its high quality animatronics stands out the most, taking visitors back to the epic days of World War II.


One of the highlights is the video footage taken before the fall of Singapore. Providing comprehensive insight to the background of the site, the footage will take travellers through a journey, covering all the events that occurred before, during and after Singapore’s defeat. Another attraction would be exploring the labyrinth structure of the museum, which recreates the experience of bombings through sound effects.

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