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Five-Night Event Premieres November 15 at 9/8c —— WWII in HD is the first documentary to show World War II as it really was from the perspective of both sides, in full, immersive, HD color. Culled from rare color archival footage from an exhaustive worldwide search and converted to HD with a meticulous new technique, this series uses diaries and source documents to follow the personal stories of a handful of soldiers who fought in the major battles.

The Changi Museum was opened on the 59th Anniversary of the fall of Singapore to the Japanese. It is dedicated to all those who experienced the tragedy and who faced so much of suffering and torture during the war ridden years especially in the Changi area. The museum hopes to serve the purpose of educating and inspiring the younger and future generations about World War Two, the heroes, the tragedies and the bitter, hard times of those years and strengthen their knowledge on a critical time of Singaporean history. Through documentation of the events of the Japanese occupation of Singapore the museum is a vital resource centre. For the prisoners of war (POW) and their loved ones the museum serves as a monument to their mental agony the unfortunate and unbearable conditions that they were faced with.


Once you enter the Changi Museum you can learn about the living condition of the lives of the people before the war in Changi and how it was named Changi as well as how the military came to Changi. There is also a comprehensive map on the Japanese expansion into Southeast Asia. One important feature is a wall that glorifies the efforts of units that defended Singapore before its defeat to the Japanese Occupation.


In the Changi Museum there is also a storyboard which portrays to the visitor what happened during the war and contains quotes from war veterans, prisoners of war and locals who explain the experiences and emotions of war and also serves an educational purpose by giving a firsthand account of what life was really like. Another famous feature are the collections which showcase the materials, personal belongings and tools which belonged to the prisoners of war as well as other memorabilia related to the war or what was used during this horrible time in Singaporean history. These items have been donated from all sources such as the prisoners of war themselves, their families, and organizations as well as other sources. Changi Museum is an important part of a Singapore holiday. If you’re looking for a hotel accommodation Singapore there are plenty of options available to you; however the Copthorne Orchid Hotel Singapore is an exceptional establishment offering fine hotel rooms in Singapore.

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This is a preview for a series on WWII, and that deserves more credit than that pitiful air time it had on PBS 10 years ago. Unlike other series on WWII such as the famous World at War series, it offers no interview, no war stories. It look at the big picture of the war from the view of macro history, and its impacts on us. I’ll upload the first episode on the interwar years, and the final episode on consequences of the war to get you started. The war itself however, you’ll have to discover yourself. This series is hard to find now, but is its still possible. If you own the copyright to this content, just PM me and I’ll take it down. Just please make it more available.
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