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America Patriotic Poster Series Highlights Introduction of New Brand, StandWeUnited®, Created to Help Unite Country, Overcome Challenges

Rehoboth, MA (PRWEB) June 23, 2008

In a time he believes will augur in a period of renewal and reorientation, graphic designer and artist George Delany has brought to market a distinctive portfolio of seven, inspired, American, patriotic posters. Each offset lithographic poster in the collection includes an image of the American flag (one that flew in front of the designer’s home for years) melded with a song or verse from well-known American history. These include the:

Star-Spangled Banner Poster
America the Beautiful Poster
Amazing Grace Poster
Battle Hymn of the Republic Poster
God Bless America Poster
Pledge of Allegiance Poster
America Poster (My Country Tis of Thee)
“The America patriotic poster series took several years to come together,” the designer explains. “After September 11, 2001, I felt the need to do something to commemorate the event and the time in which we find ourselves, something that may provide an inspired means of revisiting our history so as to help us better navigate through increasingly turbulent times into a new future. Our current, polarized condition is not good. We have to galvanize our will. This why I named the series the ‘Who We Are America Poster Collection’ — across our political spectrum, it attempts to embrace all Americans.”

Mr. Delany would like to see his StandWeUnited® patriotic posters in every classroom in the country, in every library room, offered in every college bookshop and frame shop, hanging in every post office lobby, and in every corporate boardroom. “I think we need to reacquaint, reclaim and reassert who we are, and more importantly, who we want to become,” the designer asserts. To re-familiarize myself with these seven works has been very uplifting. When we first showed these posters on July 4, in Bristol, Rhode Island, people commented with a certain reverence as to the actual words, the lyrics, the presentations of these great pieces of American history — as if they were seeing them for the first time. It was something to observe, it was moving,” the designer offers. “Furthermore, these posters are manageable, measuring 24″ x 18,” he adds.


Seeks Sponsors: Mr. Delany seeks corporate sponsors for his poster initiative. He offers three benefits: 1) At discounted, wholesale rates, to any company who orders a minimum of 1000 posters of any particular design, he will print the customer’s corporate logo in the lower left 2) Furthermore, to any company willing to donate a percentage to support Veterans organizations as noted on the StandWeUnited® Website, the designer will match the donation up to 5%.


“From any profits, I want sales to support Disabled Veterans and their families, Homeless Veterans, and http://www.armedforcesfoundation.org/index1.html [children of Veterans orphaned by war,” Mr. Delany states. This program gives anyone who buys a chance to contribute, to participate in the country’s healing. 3) With the Olympics and the election, just ahead, this is an opportune time for corporate sponsors to really help out,” Mr. Delany emphasizes. “If your company will be in China for the Olympic Games, you may want to consider this USA poster collection as a handout among the peoples of the world who will be there as sports enthusiasts, guests, and international ambassadors. Domestically, should your company wish to give away our educational patriotic posters to employees, customers, vendors, or staff this July 4, there is still time.”


He emphasizes, “This distinctive collection of StandWeUnited® patriotic posters also makes an excellent fund-raising and public-relations vehicle– it’s wall art. Imagine if every pro-sports franchise in the country were to brand these posters, make them available to their fans, and from this, contribute to support US Veterans and their families. I think it would be significant.”


“The Star-Spangled Banner Poster,” and others have been used in classrooms, given as gifts, and distributed to returning soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital. “I understand, a set of ‘Who We Are,’ patriotic posters may be hanging in the Green Zone, in Baghdad,” the artist comments. “I’d like to see this series of posters help support the building of the new Freedom Tower at the site of the original World Trade Center. Now this would be wonderful,” Mr. Delany exclaims.


This new series builds on the “Statue of Liberty Collector’s Edition” set of four offset lithographs Mr. Delany designed to help celebrate the Centennial of the Statue of Liberty, back in 1986. “Seems a natural,” the designer comments.


The American flag used in the design of these seven StandWeUnited® patriotic America posters was photographed by Marty Doyle (http://www.martydoylephotography.com). This entire collection of inspired, educational posters is printed by American Printing, of Rumford, Rhode Island. Larger volumes can be drop-shipped from the printer. Small quantities can be ordered from the website. Each poster can be ordered as a single, or matted, or signed by the designer, or even framed (acrylic) using a handsome double matte.


The “Who We Are” Collection of America Patriotic Posters was cited with a Gold Award by Graphis, “The Best of International Visual Communications, 2007″ (http://www.graphis.com). It has been included in a hard-bound book,”Graphis Poster Annual 2007.”


On the StandWeUnited® website, you can also find neat summer baseball caps with the multicolored brims in striking red, white and blue, each one branded with the StandWeUnited® logo. The designer has created all these items to comprise his new brand. He has plans for introducing many more in the months just ahead. “Yes, we’re just starting, really. Wait until you see the branded apparel and sports wear, and the new line of greeting cards,” Mr. Delany adds.


About aaaForay, Inc., Graphic Communications:

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