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This is a tribute to all those poor souls who fought and died during WWI using historical footage and voice recordings mostly from the documentaries Forgotten Voices of the Great War and Voices of the Great war. A special thank you to KingofClapham for providing me some footage from his documentary. I know it is still a couple months till memorial day but I decided to make this video never the less. From the Germans to the French. From the Turks to the Aussies. The British, The Canadians, the Americans, the Russians, the Austrians and everyone else. Least we forget.
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WW1 documentary from BBC. (For more WWI / WW2 and other docs, visit my channel) The story of the Great War told from a unique new aerial perspective. Featuring two remarkable historical finds, including a piece of archive footage filmed from an airship in summer 1919, capturing the trenches and battlefields in a way that’s rarely been seen before. And aerial photographs taken by First World War pilots – developed for the first time in over ninety years – show not only the devastation inflicted during the fighting, but also quirks and human stories visible only from above. We discovered that the huge networks of tunnels dug by both the British and Germans still lie underneath the villages along the Messines Ridge. We also learn the heroic yet tragic story of Jacques Trolley de Prévaux, the pilot who flew the airship above the Western Front and made the film in 1919.
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Robert Creech Robert “Bob” Creech of Eugene died March 6 of age-related causes. He was 95. No service is planned. He was born May 6, 1915, in Victoria, B.C., to Arthur and Ruby Vaughan Creech. He married Frances Gins on May 25, 1943, in Tacoma. She died on March 1, …
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Nation Prepares to Say Goodbye to Last Doughboy
Visitation hours for Frank Buckles will be at a Washington, D.C.-area funeral home Monday. The nation’s last veteran of World War I will lie in honor and be buried at Arlington National Cemetery on Tuesday.
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Local News
An actor from the 5th Avenue Theatre of Seattle sings to Cosmopolis School students in the Cougar Gym on Wednesday. The visiting production of “Rosie the Riveter,” a one-hour musical based on the popular World War II poster, was made possible by a grant from the Grays Harbor Community…
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Is third world war (www) on or on cards?

By Prof Ghulam Mohyuddin Wani

WORLD WAR II AFTERMATH After the World War II, which was fought between 1939-1945,every other day we see on discovery channel how it happened and killed millions in the globe. This was a war of wits and fabricated communications and propaganda. How would be the third world war, under the duress of a unipolar world order? The main challenger USSR all most disintegrated into pieces and new economy crisis surrounding the economic partners of the USA, Japan and Germany. Indian great divide

Many successes to the credit of West and USA in bifurcating India in 1947 , keeping the two parts burning in anger since then, over Kashmir. The major part of the GDP of both shipped to USA and west as remuneration for the arms and the debt continues to gain interest for the traders of the west World order after WW II Ironically since 1945 we have seen many upheavals and destruction in the world under the cold war and the war on terror and what not. All wars took their birth under the hands of those who carry the white flags and are the supporters of human rights. They are unfortunately the chief negotiators of peace be it UNO or otherwise back track diplomacy. Here is a small factual directory of happening , killing people like blades of grass .

World war III has begun Soviet war in Afganistan and its defeat A nuclear power captures Afghanistan and another nuclear power supports Afghans and it is death and destruction for a decade .The Afghans wins back their country. The supporter is successful in breaking a powerful nuclear opponent. Invades now the Afghanistan with the approval of UNO.A 46 nation army enters the Afghanistan and kills millions of civilians and while losing the war attacks the Pakistan and is at present crushing it like an furious Spanish bull .None has shown the bull the red mask. He is continuing massacre of Muslims without declaration of war. Hindu-Christian war on Muslims All Christian , Hindus and name sake liberal Muslims have joined a war against Islam .This world war is spread from India where mosques were demolished, millions killed in cold blood .be it Gujarat or Kashmir to Africa and Guatemala . Now a Hindu terror group is killing Muslims in Ajmer, maca masjed and samjota express has the support of some army officers and a big political Party. These innocent killings of Muslims are not named like 11/26 or 9/11 and mourned .Hundreds of muslim women raped and mosques destroyed is democracy but a Buddhist monument destroy by illiterate and liberal or uneducated afghans makes a case to destroy the muslim world.

Women in www iii

The women clawed with respect and veiled like nuns are barbaric acts, but rape of nuns and small kids in church is pardoned justified and not attacked. The world media does not remember the church sex scandals but remembers the beat of a wife by a Muslim for adultery. The thousands of women burnt in India for dowry and millions of women in west rebuked, used for sex is democracy. Illicit geology No one knows who is the father and father breeding daughters and sons breeding mothers is common game now in west who have no regard or record of marriage or child paternity. All these devilry acts are liberalism.Poly gamy is a crime but poly angry is allowed. Free sex is on windows and doors of western civilized but respect and honour to women as mother, sister or wife in Islam is misinterpreted.

Media or mafia

The whole media lies and projects wrongly and are propaganda machine of the devil. Truth is culled and lies are propagated. This absurdity is culture and respecting women and not allowing them to be molested or used as sex toys is Talabaism.The Iraq invasion and nuclear threat was a hoax and the criminal responsible for the death of millions are dancing and dining freely. The one who is telling truth of these immoral acts is most wanted. Who created him, they, is he alive no one knows yet the repression of Muslims in the world continues. Be it Sudan,Tunesia,Iran,Iraq,Phelestein,Egypt,Somalia,Indonesia ,Pakistan or eleswher.The war sanctioned by UNO under the signatures of false world order and unlawful UNO in Iraq or Afghanistan where more than 47 nations armies fight innocent ,unarmed peaceful demonstrators is infect a world war III in progress. Who will win it is on cards.

Some past www threats

During the Suez Crisis of 1956, Soviet Premier Nikolai Bulganin sent a note to British Prime Minister Anthony Eden warning that “if this war is not stopped it carries the danger of turning into a third world war

The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962

Robert McNamara claimed that if it were not for Vasili Arkhipov, who prevented a nuclear launch on the B-59 Soviet submarine during the heat of the crisis, World War III would have broken out, saying at the Cuban Missile Crisis Havana conference, “A guy called Vasili Arkhipov saved the world.” Soviet ballistic missile false alarm (1983) On 26 September 1983, a Soviet early warning Chief Stanislav Petrov falsely detected five inbound intercontinental ballistic missiles. Petrov correctly assessed the situation as a false alarm. Petrov’s action likely averted a nuclear conflict, as the Soviet policy at that time was immediate nuclear response upon discovering inbound ballistic missiles. According to a report by Geoffrey Forden, the most likely culprit for the false alarm was the Cosmos-1382 satellite belonging to the Oko early warning system. Archer Able Archer 83 (1983) During Able Archer 83, a ten-day NATO command post exercise starting on November 2, 1983, the Soviets readied their nuclear forces and placed air units in East Germany and Poland on alert. Some historians believe this exercise was a close call to a start to World War III.[5] Pristina International Airport—NATO and Russian standoff (1999) On 12–26 June 1999, Russian and NATO forces had a standoff over the Pristina Airport in Kosovo. NATO forces were tasked with seizing the airport; however the Russians, of which there were approximately 200, overpowered the NATO task force and thus gained control of the airfield. In response, American NATO commander Wesley Clark demanded that British General Sir Mike Jackson storm the airport with paratroopers, an order that is still debated. Jackson refused, reportedly replying, “I’m not going to start the Third World War for you”. Former British soldier turned singer-songwriter James Blunt revealed in 2010 he refused an order from General Clark to seize the airport from Russians, a decision which Blunt, believed could have triggered World War III Conflict. These include the Balkan Wars from 1912 to 1913 and the Polish–Soviet War from 1919 to 1921, the Japanese invasion of Manchuria and later China, the Spanish Civil War, the Italian invasions of Ethiopia and Albania, the 1938 German annexation of Austria (Anschluss), and the subsequent occupation of Czechoslovakia. Therefore, the specific event where a future World War III begins may only be determined retroactively. Some analysts and historians[10] have suggested the Cold War can be identified as World War III because it was fought on a global scale by proxy combatants of the United States and later NATO, and the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries.[11] In a 2006 interview, U.S. President George W. Bush likened the ongoing War on Terrorism as being like “World War III” A little more than a month after the September 11 attacks, Eliot Cohen, the director of strategic studies at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, declared in the Wall Street Journal that the struggle against terrorism was more than a law-enforcement operation, and would require military conflict beyond the invasion of Afghanistan. Cohen, like Marenches, considered World War III to be history. “A less palatable but more accurate name is World War IV,” he wrote. “The Cold War was World War III, which reminds us that not all global conflicts entail the movement of multi-million-man armies, or conventional front lines on a map.” Nuclear war is different than conventional warfare. Nuclear war brings devastation quickly and extensively than one can imagine .One set in it may have chain reactions all over earth and earth may perish like doomsday .The radiation releases and atmospheric pollution may give rise to extensive winters or summers beyond imagination. The first, and to date only, nuclear war was World War II: near the end of the war, the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.[5] [6] at the time of those bombings, the United States was the only country to possess atomic weapons. After World War II, nuclear weapons were also developed by the United Kingdom, France, the Soviet Union, and the People’s Republic of China, which contributed to the state of conflict and tension that became known as the Cold War. In the 1970s, India and 1990s, Pakistan, countries openly hostile to each other, developed nuclear weapons. Israel, North Korea, and South Africa are also believed to have developed nuclear weapons, although South Africa subsequently abandoned them.

Author Prof Ghulam Mohyuddin Wani is a retired professor of science and social science including extensio and communication.He has been managing agricultural extension education,communication and tranfer of technologies to the farming groupd in Kashmir and India as professor,dean and director of extension education anf of late as Director state agricultural management institute an autonomus org as CEO and was of late Chief National Consultany (planning comm of India Nrra)
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WWII Aircraft: Throughout WWII there were many advances in technology, and it is also the first war to have ever experience air war fare. Because of this, many different aircrafts were built, but they all normally fall under three groups, Fighters, Attackers and Bombers. Of the 3 Groups it’s a matter of opinion which one was the most important.

Fighter Aircrafts: The Fighter aircraft was a major asset during the war, as they had to be produced to help defend against bombing attacks and fight off attack aircraft. These planes were simply designed to bring down other planes. One of the most iconic fighter aircraft of World War Two was the spitfire. This was used by the RAF and many of the allied countries during the war. Most people have heard of it through its use of helping defend Britain against German air attacks during the Blitz. The aircraft was used for numerous other reasons and is the only plane to have continual production before and after the war. No other basic attack craft like this throughout World War II could rival it for its speed.

The Attack Aircraft were used to attack ground forces. These forms of planes would either be fitted with standard machine guns or Anti Tank weapons. All sides had them, although one of the most infamous types was the Junkers Ju 87, although more widely known as Stuka aircrafts. These were piloted by Germans and were primarily used to attack ground troops by dive bombing them with machine guns. Special design features within it gave it an automatic pull up system that enabled the plane to level itself out if the pilot passed out from the high velocity dive bombing attacks.

The final type of aircraft to feature in World War II was the bombers. These aircraft were capable of releasing bombs from great altitudes, making it possible to pass over cities and military targets and destroy them from the air. One of the more widely known ones is the Lancaster Bomber.

This British design featured in the second part of the war in 1942. Its four engines meant it could carry heavier loads, so more bombs, and it was the main heavy bomber for the RAF. It was most commonly used for night bombings yet in excelled in precision day bombings as well. British design was a very important part of the making of the different types of aircrafts during World War Two.

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10 BEST ” World War II” FIGHTER AIRCRAFT..”PLEASE NOTE” !! : All Aircraft are Rated according to their Overall Impact on World War II & Not necessarily on their overall Performance ..

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World War II

Providing brief information about World War II or as abbreviated WWII, was lasting military conflict from 1939 to 1945, which caused all the great powers and all nations, they were making two opposing alliance in military and it was called the allies and the axis, its also the most famous war in the history because over than one hundred million military was participated in this war, and this war effected economy and everything was for the service of the military as it is the first priority no matter what the civilian needs and wants .

There were a lot of civilians died in this war as significant events of mass death of civilians and that’s was including the Holocaust and the only time in the history of using the nuclear weapon in warfare which made the most dead masses in human history and the result was over than 60 million fatalities.

The war started in 1939 when Germany and Slovakia declared a war on Poland, so france decided to declare a war on Germany, Germany tried to make a big empire in Europe and in 1940 Germany dealed and conquered with too many Europe countries a mid soviet agreements Nominally neutral Soviet Union as a whole or in part, occupied and annexed by six neighboring countries in Europe.

Britain and the Commonwealth is the only great power, the battle against the Axis powers in North Africa and at sea and on a large scale to continue. In June 1941 the European Centre launched the invasion of the Soviet Union and given the early stage of the greatest war in the history of the country, from this point, and connects the ground of much of the military world power. In December 1941 and in Japan in a state of war with China was in 1937, and is committed to Asia, the United States and the European assets of the control in the Pacific, won quickly much of the region.

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Actual World War 2 pictures refurbished.

The idea of a World War was something that couldn’t be imagined prior to the 20th century. Then we had two in a matter of 35 years. The number of people killed in the wars was staggering. The fact that people continued to die for forty or fifty years after the end of World War II was all the more shocking until the cause was discovered.

Asbestos has long been considered a miracle material of sort. It is highly resistant to heat, which makes it a great insulator and fire wall wherever heat and electricity are found. This was a known fact for hundreds of years, but never really led to its use in a major way. Then World War II rolled around. Despite being the second of the two huge wars, it was the first that involved a really massive production of military materials. This led to the widespread use of asbestos and a resulting Mesothelioma nightmare.

Hawaii notwithstanding, the World War II battle arena was in other countries ranging from Europe to much of Asia. This necessitated the movement of resources across vast stretches of the ocean. This in turn called for the construction of a huge number of transport ships to move the resources as well as naval ships to protect them and dominate the seas. To achieve this, ships were put on the fast track in construction.

The war effort saw hundreds of thousands flow into factories and docks to help. In the case of ship building, this meant a hoard of people willing to do just about anything to speed up production. A Liberty cargo ship took only two weeks to build at Kaiser Shipyards at one point. The problem was many shortcuts were taken to make this happen, many that exposed the workers to massive health risks.

Asbestos is a cause of Mesothelioma. In the construction of the various types of ships being created, the workers used everything from rope to gloves to caulking to insulation and so on that incorporated asbestos as their key material component. The war is long over, but it is now believed as many as 100,000 died from Mesothelioma and lung cancer caused by this exposure to asbestos. As a mater of comparison, there were roughly 10,000 casualties of which 2,500 died for the Allies on D-Day.

Mesothelioma is a horrible disease and it is a bit shocking that our government would so hastily expose hundreds of thousands to its ravages. The story of asbestos use without notice is a ghastly one that has been repeated throughout history.

Thomas Ajava writes for MesotheliomaLawsTexas.com – where you can learn more about Mesothelioma laws in Texas and find lawyers to help you handle any legal issues.
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